Trieste, crossroads of people from all over Europe

Trieste, hub of the historical and geographical region of Venezia Giulia, a bridge between Western Europe and Central and South Asia, the Mediterranean and Central European characters stirring. It is an important railway junction and maritime. Its port was the main maritime outlet of the Hapsburg Empire, which in 1719 recognized the status port.

Trieste, city of the Barcolana

The Barcolana is a historic international sailing regatta which is held every year in the Gulf of Trieste on the second Sunday of October. It is known for being the largest regatta in the world, which entered the Guinness World Record in the 50th edition with 2689 participants. The special formula that distinguishes it makes it a unique event in the international sailing: on a single line of departure in fact find themselves competing alongside professional sailors and enthusiasts, on boats of various sizes that are categorized according to the length all out.

Trieste, a city between the Karst and the sea

It is a border area, between the Adriatic Sea and the rugged Karst promontory. The city is located on the coast with a clear sea of white limestone dressed with Mediterranean vegetation. Behind the city a vast green plateau rises up to the mountains of Slovenia. Trieste with its museums, the culture, its theaters, its nature, the sea and the green landscapes of the Karst is now an unforgettable destination that leaves you amazed and fascinated.

 Miramare Castle

Splendid residence commissioned by Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg for his wife Princess Charlotte of Belgium. Built between 1856 and 1860, it is a luxurious noble residence with its period furnishings still original inside and a wonderful park not to be missed.

San Giusto Castle

It is considered the symbol of the city, as it is located on the highest hill overlooking Trieste, originally called Tergeste. In the second century. B.C. the Romans took over the city and placed the center of their camp on the hill. Nice sea view.